6/29/10 6am:  After last night’s late game, getting up was tough this morning, but we were out the door at 6:40 and checked in at Amtrak in St. Paul by 7:10.  We rode the Empire Builder train to Milwaukee, arriving on time five hours later around 2pm. 
6/29/10 2:45pm: 

We checked into our hotel in downtown, had a good long call with Kate in Paris and then headed by taxi to Miller Park.  We were almost first in line, and had front row seats for batting practice, but no balls came near us.  After batting practice, we checked out the many kid-friendly activities (fast pitch, batting cage, etc.).  Our seats were pretty unique:  we sat in the front row directly above the Astros bullpen, so as their starting pitching faltered, we got to see the replacements warm up. 

6/29/10 7:10pm:  The game was pretty good, with the Brewers taking an early lead and Prince Fielder popping two masterful home runs into the upper deck of right field.  Brewers 7, Astros 5. 

Capping off the evening, Peter successfully got Matt Lindstrom to toss him a ball after the game.  Now, both boys have caught a ball thrown to them by an MLB pitcher.


Baseball Trip 2010